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Rental Assistance & Services Provided: ​


Marketing Your Property


Marketing your property will commence and we will use all sources to promote the property which will be designed to target all prospective renters for either your seasonal weekly cottage rental or residential long term property using all effective means .

1. Signage will be used if we have your permission to place a sign at the rental

2. Newspaper Ads in any local newspapers will be used

3. Internet advertising, in addition to our own website, your rental will be posted on any available sites that offer advertising of rental properties​Application &


Tenancy/Rental Contracts for Long Term & Seasonal Properties


 1. Renter/Tenant Screening Services : Seasonal & Long Term rental applications will be carefully screened , with consideration for all long term rentals providing financial information, a good tenant history report with past landlords, employment verification, income proof, references provided

2. Tenancy Agreements will be drawn up for long term rentals, with added addendums pertaining to each property, rental contracts will be required for all seasonal rentals

3. Tenant Liability Insurance is required of all long term renters, and we do require proof of such information prior to occupancy

4. Tenant Utility responsibility, for all long term rentals we do require on those rentals that the utilities are in addition to the rent, proof of those being in the applicants name prior to occupancy

5. Move in /Move out inspections, a move in inspection is conducted on the rental property prior to and tenant/renter taking possession and a move out inspection is completed on termination of tenancy, that includes digital pictures

6. Keys are collected from the renter/tenant upon termination

7. For all on going tenant/renter monthly management, we collect the monthly rent, we do offer to the renter’s options & methods of payments. Unless otherwise specified within the tenancy or rental contract, all rental payments are due on the 1st day of each month. Owners have the option to have the net proceeds mailed to them or directly deposited into their bank account each month. ​Monthly Ongoing Management Fees: For all long term monthly management, the fees are based on the number of adult renters/tenants occupying the rental, $95.00 per renter, or $145.00 for a couple.


Included Within The Monthly Management Is The Following:


1. Collecting the monthly rent owing

2. Dealing with any emergency maintenance issue and/or repairs required

3. Inspections during tenancy4. Any tenant/renter situation that might come up

5. Any legal notices/letters that have to be sent to the tenants/renters during tenancy

6. Any correspondence during the month with tenants/renters , i.e. email or phone conversations


Fees Charged for Re-Renting of Long Term Rentals:


For any long term residential rental, there are two options to choose from , ( a ) the commission fee is equal to 85% of the gross monthly rent which includes all expenses , or ( b ) 60% of the gross monthly rent plus any & all expenses ( advertising, flat fee of $85.00 of all documentation ) unless otherwise agreed upon between the client(s) and the company​ Included within the Rental Fees:

1. Marketing & Advertising

2. Qualifying applicants

3. Arranging for the property to be shown

4. Collecting all applications, whatever is required by the tenants/renters to provide, ( confirmation of income &/or employment, references, credit history report, tenant insurance requirements and proof of insurance etc )

5. Collecting any rent due, first & last, setting up future monthly rental payments

6. Meeting with the tenants/renters to get signatures on tenancy papers & other documents, if utilities are required by the tenants/renters, proof of utilities set up in the correct name for date of move in.

7. Conducting the move in inspection which includes pictures of the property prior to new tenants/renters taking over the premises , preparing a written report for new tenants/renters to sign, if a pet is ok at the premise, tenants/renters are required to sign a pet addendum

8. Turning over the property key to the tenants/renters on occupancy date​


Fees Charged for the Seasonal Cottage Rentals:


The fees charged for the weekly seasonal cottage rentals would be 12.75% of the gross weekly rent charged unless otherwise a different amount is agreed upon between cottage owner and the company.


Services that Would Require Additional Fees:


1. Quotes on renovations & repairs

2. Maintenance home/cottage inspections

3. Vacant winter home/cottage inspections

4. Cleaning

5. Repairs & Regular Maintenance

6. Renovations

7. Lawn Care & Snow Removal

8. Legal work required


We can arrange for licensed contractors and/or a handyman to provide a quote on repairs & any home/cottage improvements to protect your real estate investment. We do recommend that you consider updates and repairs on your home/cottage which can maximize the value of your property and could yield a higher rental market amount. Prior to showing any rental property we require that all necessary cleaning, repairs and yard work be completed to keep the property looking at its best. In the winter, we suggest that any sidewalks, driveways be kept clear of snow & ice.​Start – Up Requirements for long term and/or residential rentals :


Once An Agreement Has Been Signed

We Will Require The Following:


1. Copy of any “House Rules" pertaining to the home or cottage and the same copy should be made available at the property for any tenants/renters.

2. Keys to all doors, gates, mailboxes (if applicable), garage door openers and alarm system codes (if applicable)

3. Any information regarding the rental property

4. On any long term rental/management contracts a deposit would be required with the agreement which would be applied towards any initial expenses, first invoice, on the rental property, the amount required would be a minimum amount of $325.00 and would depend on the type of property and location.


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