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Rental Referral Service


We do offer a Rental Referral Service throughout our Eastern Ontario region from Oshawa to Kingston which does include Port Hope, Cobourg, Trenton, Picton, Belleville , Kingston and surrounding areas . This service is available for residential or vacation cottage rentals. We will take an application from the prospective renters to forward to you to complete any checks. This includes finding tenant renters for your vacancies, referring them to you to view the rental, on any referral that is accepted for tenancy at your property we charge a fee of $175.00 .


Current Promotions!


​We offer 10% off any full rental/management service for Members belonging to the Chamber of Commerce in any location.

New clients who are not members of a Chamber of Commerce can receive 10% off the management service up to 12 months

Seniors receive 15% off of services at any time

Notice: Fee Schedules may change annually



The Benefits of Having a Property Manager


The property manager has proven knowledge and experience in the service industry of property management and with being the expertise in that area related to landlord/tenant issues, a property manager has the skills in providing a professional and skilled service to all owners of cottage and residential rental properties.It will be tempting to most owners to try managing their own home or cottage themselves , without retaining the services of the professional property manager, with a property management company your rental investments will show an increase in your rental rates while keeping costs and renter turnover to a minimum and rental damages down. Property Management Companies will charge a fee for the services provided but the fees charged will be well worth the expense when the owners realize profits from their rentals and their investments protected from “ renter damage “.There are benefits to having a property manager on call 24/7, it gives you the owner the freedom of not having to deal with the ongoing tenant/renter problems that arise constantly especially on week nights, weekends and those vacation times that an owner enjoys yearly. A property manager deals with the tenant requests, complaints , maintenance issues and endless phone calls that an owner no longer has to be dealing with , which allows the owner to deal only and directly with the property manager rather than renters, contractors, etc. When there is a property management company that the renter/tenant deals with on a regular basis and not directly with an owner , all situations, problems and rental matters do tend to move so much smoother .




We will take the hassle out of renting & managing the property on your own , which gives you more time to relax with the peace of mind , things are being done properly while at the same time, you are staying in control of your investment.

Once we have all the information on the property and pictures, we will proceed to get started on the renting processThe property will be posted online and our websiteYour property will constantly be promoted and advertisedYour privacy will be protected at all times, no personal details will be posted online or given out without your prior permission

Although we will provide you with suggestions and guidelines for the rental of your property, we do follow your property rental requirements at all times.

We do collect any deposits required pertaining to the rental home or cottage.

We supply all the paperwork, forms, tenancy papers, rental contracts, etc required to protect you the owner at all times, our goal is to try and reduce any & all risks to you at all times.

We don’t promote the rental of your cottage/home during the summer season, for only weekends , without proper conditions & rules being applied which must be adhered to by the renter(s).

We offer a professional service to all our clients, with years of experience and expertise and with moderate but reasonable fees.We do pride ourselves with having “ tenant/renter placement success “ over the last quarter century of being in the property management service industry.


~~ Whatever Is Required, We Will Provide You With ~~

~~ A Professional And Reliable Service ~~


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